DK Upcycle  /  Branding 
DK Upcycle are a start-up charity on a mission to transform lives and the environment simultaneously. By intertwining humanitarian aid for refugee camps with innovative solutions to combat plastic pollution, DK Upcycle pioneers a circular system that uplifts communities and protects our planet. 
At the heart of DK Upcycle's vision lies their commitment to collecting plastic waste from refugee camps and breathing new life into it through inventive repurposing techniques. Collaborating closely with local artists, they will transform this waste into vibrant products, creating a sustainable cycle where aid flows back into the camps, fostering self-sufficiency and empowerment.
The primary objective of the branding is to radiate a message of hope, unity, and action. Embracing a palette of lively hues and dynamic illustrations to create a compelling visual language aiming to inspire individuals to join hands, contribute, and be part of the journey. 
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